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What to Wear with Black Leather Pants – 5 stunning Looks

What to Wear with Black Leather Pants – 5 stunning Looks

How many times have you thought “I don’t have anything to wear” or “nothing looks good on me”?

Black leather pants are the solution you are looking for. Let’s figure out what to wear with black leather pants.

Every woman must have a few basics in her wardrobe.

This includes the classic little black dress (LBD) as well as a pair of comfortable jeans, a white T-shirt, and a pair of white sneakers for your everyday activities.

But when we think of a stylish woman, the color black comes to mind and, although it may seem a bit boring at first, mixing textures in your clothing can give your outfit the boost you were looking for.

So go ahead and embrace the color black!

Once you buy your first black leather pants you will never want to wear jeans again.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your black leather pants the “go big or go home” garment of your outfit.

What to Wear With Black Leather Pants

Whether genuine leather or vegan leather – the black leather pants are one of the basics in every closet. Why are they one of the basics? Leather pants are very versatile and can be worn in the office with a blazer and loafers, as well as at the after-work party with top and high heels. But also for sporty combinations, the pants give some possibilities either with a hoodie and black high-top sneakers or with white low-top sneakers. To complete the look, throw a blazer or coat over your shoulders.

All Black

Let’s begin with a classic that never goes unnoticed: the total black look.

As we said earlier, mixing textures can add a lot of fun and dynamism to your outfit, and the best moment to try this is when you are wearing a single-color outfit.

This can help you look gorgeous even if you woke up too lazy to think about how to match the clothes in your wardrobe.

There is no way you can fail when wearing a total black look and adding a piece of clothing that will grab everyone’s attention will boost your confidence even more.

You can give protagonism to your black leather pants by wearing a simple black T-shirt with flats, add a few silver rings and a necklace and you will be good to go.

However, if you are going for a bad girl vibe, you can throw on a black leather jacket and wear your favorite combat boots to be the center of attention.

Or you might prefer something more elegant, combining straight leather pants with classic black heels and a satin shirt.

The possibilities are infinite and it is the perfect opportunity for those who like to wear a bold lipstick color!

Wild Animal

If you feel playful but don’t want to think too much about what to wear for the day, animal print is your best ally.

Pick your favorite black bra and throw a sheer leopard shirt on top to upgrade your outfit in a second.

Keep it sexy by wearing heeled boots and unbuttoning the top of your shirt while staying classy thanks to the black leather pants.

Finish your look with an XXL bag and dark sunglasses (pro tip for lazy girls: this way you avoid having to do your eye makeup).

Embrace the wild animal you have inside… You will be turning heads!

sporty leather pants and a blazer creates a semi-casual outfit

Paris is Calling

You want everyone to see your Parisian side but you don’t know how? Have you recently traveled to Paris and are longing for the French way of living?

Black leather pants will undoubtedly help you in this mission!

All you need is a striped loose black and white T-shirt, black loafers, and a red beret that you can match with your lipstick to look as appetizing as a croissant. Combine the look with a classic trenchcoat et voilà.

But this outfit also works for those who adore colorful outfit ideas, you just have to look for a yellow T-shirt with black stripes, put on yellow ballerina shoes and a yellow beret and you will look just as beautiful.

For this second look, you should put on minimal makeup so that the color of your outfit pops.

Grab a black purse with a classic shape and take a stroll as if you were in the city of lights.

Keeping it Funky

Black leather pants can be fun if you pick them in a funky silhouette.

Baggy, cropped, or even flare black leather pants can look amazing with an oversized sweater or a T-shirt with a cool feminist message, chunky boots, and a memorable purse in a fun shape.

This is the perfect opportunity to play with your makeup, trying out bold colors for your shade and maybe adding some glitter.

You can also wear a bright green tank top mixed with fluorescent jewelry for everyone to look at you at your next house party.


Back to Basic

You can never go wrong with the basics. Wear your skinny-high wasted leather pants with a white cropped top and throw on an oversized acid-washed denim jacket.

Put on some boots like Dr. Martens 1460 in a vibrant color matching your purse to give your outfit a focal point and own the city!

If you look for something less casual, swap your denim jacket for a black blazer and add golden jewelry.

For the final touch, try a new makeup style with dark smokey eyes and nude lipstick… No one will resist the temptation to look at you!

Rock DJ

This one is for all the girls who sing in the shower at the top of their lungs and are always at a fun show or concert.

Grab that vintage T-shirt with your favorite rock band’s album cover and put on your skinny leather pants, topping off your outfit with some combat boots.

Ideally, you should be looking for leather pants that have lots of silver zippers or even some patches here and there with band names or fun drawings.

If you are feeling adventurous, try wearing minimal eye makeup and black lipstick.

Finally, put on a vintage denim jacket or a red leather jacket for a pop of color.


As you can see, there are so many possibilities that you can never get bored when wearing black leather pants.

They can be a great way to look elegant when pairing them with stilettos and a soft blouse while still giving you an edgy look when wearing them with chunky boots and an oversized jacket or attracting everyone’s eyes when wearing a sheer blouse on top.

The only requirement is to be confident and have fun, the black leather pants will do the rest for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Black Leather Pants

How to wash vegan leather pants?

Turn pants inside out to wash, this will prevent rips and scratches. Use a cold wash cycle. You can also spin the pants, and then let them dry on the clothesline. It is not recommended to dry the pants in the dryer.

How to wash genuine leather pants?

It is best to simply wash off minor stains with mild soap and avoid the washing machine. If the washing machine is still necessary, wash the pants in a cool wash cycle and without spinning. Wash pants inside out and hang to dry. Afterward, it is recommended to treat the pants with leather care oil.