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What to Wear with Chunky Boots – 3 Key Pieces

What to Wear with Chunky Boots – 3 Key Pieces

Wintertime is chunky boot time. The boot with a platform similar heavy sole is the eyecatcher for the winter month. 

The shoes come in different styles and different materials. From leather to suede, from vegan leather to rubber versions. 

At the beginning of 2019, the soles were extremely thick and with a lot of structure in the sole, 2022 the soles are again slightly more discreet.

Also, the lace-up boot enjoys more and more popularity.

Recently, it has seen a huge revival in the fashion world and many models on the catwalks in Italy and France have worn these fashion legends.

Especially Chelsea chunky boots are the number one among the heavy boot family. 

However, it is important to pair the chunky boots with the right outfit to create this classic look.

Let’s answer the question: What to Wear with Chunky Boots

What to Wear with Chunky Boots

Chunky boots are available in ankle, calf, and knee-length. Wear chunky boots with a midi skirt, dress, or sweatpants. These boots are extremely versatile. They can be dressed up or down. And women of all ages can wear this style when paired with the right accessory.

Causal Layers

The key to wearing chunky boots is often layering. This balances out the top and the bottom of an outfit.

Drawstring trousers, a hooded sweatshirt, and a coat may not sound glamorous, but the result is amazing.

This look is right on trend and has been featured on various runways as the ideal outfit for this type of boots.

A pair of casual drawstring corduroy trousers, combined with a plain, elegant white t-shirt, knee-high brown boots, and a coat in earth tones are all the rage right now.

This turns the casual look into a smart casual look.

Wear It To Work

Many women are reluctant to try these types of boots. In such cases, opt for a white, tan, or neutral shade when wearing these boots.
Solid shades of nude always look elegant, stylish, and sophisticated.

Cream trousers and a jumper go very well with tan chunky boots.

Layering is also important to this look. Add a tan coat to create balance.

Accessories are the key to a successful look.

Play it safe with nude and lighter shades or opt for leather.

Carry a leather crossbody bag in nude, tan, or light brown and accent the look with gold jewelry.

The idea is to create a monochrome look that is contrasted by a slightly darker shade of boots.

Dresses or Skirts

Feminine dress with a pair of chunky boots? Yes, go for it! the contrast between feminine and rough boots is what makes this look work. 

Softer, more feminine designs and materials like blouse sleeves and satin fabrics create a contrast between masculine and feminine.

This look gives a springtime vibe.

Both long and short hemlines work well with this outfit.

Opt for a long coat to wear with these boots.

Or, much like Drew in this movie, a cropped denim jacket with a shorter dress or skirt looks fantastic for a summer or spring look.

Wide Leg Jeans or Pants

What to Wear with Chunky Boots

Leather Pants and Chunky Boots are a Statement

You might think that the detail of the chunky shoe is the main focus and should be displayed when styling these boots, but the sole has the same effect.

Wear wide-leg jeans or pants with chunky heel boots.

These shoes balance out the outfit and make it look more proportionate.

A white button-down dress shirt looks great when tucked into wide-leg jeans and black chunky boots.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Add a black leather bag to add the finishing touch to the look.

The look is simple yet elegant and the colors are minimal. 

A pair of wide-leg plaid pants also go very well with chunky boots.

Pair it with a plain, long-sleeved shirt and tuck it into the pants.

Any color of wide-leg pants will go well with these boots. Just make sure that the colors match.

Whether you go for a solid color look, a color-coordinated look, or contrast through the colors, the idea is to have fun and let the outfit be an extension of your personality.


What to Wear with Chunky Boots

Chunky Boots are Very Versatile

Here we have another winner!

These two items go very well together.

Many women today already have jumpsuits in their wardrobes.

Jumpsuits can be revived when you pair them with a pair of mid-calf chunky boots.

I would opt for mid-calf or ankle chunky heel boots with a jumpsuit.

This look is fun, casual, and trendy.

Similar to the first look on this list, the combination of a jumpsuit and chunky boots is more casual and best suited for daytime events.

The jumpsuit can even be swapped out for loungewear or a sweatsuit.

The color scheme depends on many factors.

These factors range from your personal preference, what is trending at the moment, the color of the shoes, and the style you are hoping to create.

Tonal shades and earthy hues look fantastic with this look.

Choose grey as a monochrome color and complete the look with burgundy mid-height boots.

You could also create contrast by adding black chunky boots to the outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chunky Boots

Are chunky boots in style in 2022

Boots will always be in style during the wintertime. Chunky boots have seen a major revival over the last few years and continue to be a popular fashion item at the moment.

Can I pair chunky heels with shorts?

Yes, knee-high chunky heels look great with shorts. Mid-calf, and-ankle-chunky boots look good with knee-length shorts as well.



Chunky boots have been in fashion for a few years and are going strong as a statement piece.

These shoes are versatile enough to pair with almost outfits and look great with layered items.

The boots work with dresses, skirts, wide-leg pants or denim, and loungewear.