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What to Wear with Gray Jeans? Guys, Here’s the Answer

What to Wear with Gray Jeans? Guys, Here’s the Answer

When the black jeans are too formal and blue jeans are too casual, gray jeans come into the game.

Gray is not only very fashionable it’s also a color that can be worn to business casual occasions and casual occasions.

It gives a little extra to every outfit when the combination is right.

So let’s answer the question: What to Wear with Gray Jeans? And let’s create a new wardrobe staple.

What to Wear with Gray Jeans

Gray comes in many different hues.

Like with every color, gray is an endless option in hues and shades.

While dark gray tones like charcoal are often seen in business wear, light gray hues are perfect for summer casual wear.

Sometimes beige might not be the perfect color for you, so gray is the one to go for.

Mid gray tones are also stunning on fair-skinned people, so it is a bit easier to wear than beige.

What to Wear with Gray Jeans

The best part about gray jeans is that it does not overpower the outfit.  For an everyday outfit, go the dark with light and light with the dark route. Gray jeans are perfect with blue, white, black, and brown. But also colors such as olive green and pastel tones can create a stunning look. 

Gray Jeans for any Occasion?

Gray jeans are very versatile and they deserve to be in every wardrobe. In general as darker the gray, the more elegant the jeans.

However, while jeans can be worn in the office, there are still some companies insisting on a classic business look.

In these cases get out the gray suit. But the combination of gray jeans, a white shirt, and a blazer can make a pretty solid and elegant business casual combination.

In fact, I feel that gray often looks less casual than blue jeans, and a bit more exciting than simple black jeans.

What Colors to Wear With Gray

What to Wear with Gray Jeans

Color chart that fits with gray

Gray is an uncomplicated color, and you will have lots of options to match your gray jeans with items in your wardrobe.

Naturally when we are speaking of colors, also the hue and insensitivity of the color matter a lot.

Not necessary every color hue can be combined with any gray color hue.

That might sound really difficult but in the end, it’s not.

Simple check your desired outfit combination in daylight and you will see if the colors are pairing well or not.

To make your life a bit easier, you can find the best matches for charcoal gray (dark gray) and light gray below.

Charcoal – Dark Gray


Black: Black and dark gray have very little contrast, this will create a monochromatic look.

However, when combining dark gray and black, make sure that the contrast is visible enough, so that’s clear it was intended to wear black and gray.

White: Gray is a mix of black and white.

So no wonder, that you can wear white and gray perfectly.

This gives a nice contrast and helps the gray to unfold its insensitivity.

Dark Olive Green: This is a very exciting combination.

The earthy green pairs perfectly with gray. It gives a hue of color but is not overwhelming.

Fuchsia: Fuchsia is a bold dark pink color.

It definitely is an eyecatcher, and dark gray emphasizes its power without setting too much contrast.

For example, the combination of black and fuchsia is often very harsh, while dark gray softens the contrast a bit.

Blue: No matter if light gray or darker shades of gray, blue is a good match.

Not is blue one of the favorite colors of many people, but it also gives a mature appearance.


Light Gray


White: White and light gray is an elegant mix.

Since gray has white parts in the color, the white will emphasize the gray nicely, but will not create too much of a contrast.

Pastels: Pastel pink, lilac, or yellow are nice with light gray and always create a summer-inspired look.

All colors are in the light spectrum of the color wheel and therefore it just gives a hue of pop but is not too aggressive.

Beige: This light brown earthy color is a nice combination of off-white and gray.

Those colors are creating a sophisticated, nordic style.

Dark gray: Different shades of gray are always a good option.

This makes the look more vivid.

These are only some of the colors that can be worn with gray.

Let’s now have a closer look at some outfit ideas around the gray jeans.

Gray Jeans Outfit Ideas

Outfit One: A plain Tee coupled with brown bootsWhat to Wear with Gray Jeans

Gray and brown boots? YES!


This fit is perfect for days when you haven’t really planned your outfit.

It’s casual yet put together and the boots add a touch of personality to your outfit of the day.

Gray jeans paired with a vibrant or muted Tee works on so many levels.

Outfit Two: The button-down Look

 This look is for days when you want to go for the ‘effortless’ aesthetic.

The shirt style adds levity to the entire look without drawing too much attention from the graphite gray jeans.

For me, such looks need some dimension, therefore camel-colored casual shoes.

Outfit Three:  The Breezy Look

 Medium gray – just the right mix of dark and light grays takes this casual look up a notch.

A breezy lose-fit shirt and signature sneakers are perfect for a fun lunch or a night out. 

Outfit Four: Gray-on-gray

 Gray, gray, and gray again. Gray hues are so similar yet distinct and therefore work together.

 Deep grayish-brown shoes add flavor to an otherwise simple outfit. 

Outfit Five: Gray jeans are perfect for sweater weather

What to Wear with Gray Jeans

Beige can gray can do magic

Add blue denim to this outfit, and it will turn into the most casual thing you have seen.

But gray jeans add to the sophisticated and ‘put-together feel of the outfit.

A cable knit sweater adds texture to the look. 

Outfit Six: Edgy with gray

 The thing about gray jeans is that they are the right fit for any outfit.

For a night out in the town, I add my favorite leather jacket, put on some black shoes, and I’ve got the perfect outfit for the night.

Outfit Seven: Striped Tee, a denim jacket, and some Chelsea boots

 Why it works: Contrast. It always works with the right gray jeans.

A striped Tee adds a striking contrast against the black jean jacket and the muted gray pant.

Add some black shoes, and you have a complete fit on your hands.

Some days, it’s a blue denim jacket with canvas sneakers for a more casual look.

Outfit Eight: Navy button-up with black boots 

The blue button-up stands out against the gray pants.

The stripes are both crimson and light blue.

A color combination produces a pattern, which adds attention to the clothing.

Wearing a button automatically boosts the validity of the outfit.

This makes it a perfect dress to go to a dinner or any other function when I need to wear something more than simply a casual outfit.

Outfit Nine: Camel coat, black t-shirt, and boots 

A camel coat and a black shirt are combined with camel and black boots.

The contrast between the gray pants and the rest of the outfit creates a sleek appearance.

Because there aren’t too many colors to distract us, this is a plain outfit.

Wearing a coat also helps us appear more appealing. Therefore it’s ideal for a date or a formal function.

Outfit Ten: Olive green jacket, black shirt, and boots 

Why it works: The green coat complements the gray pants well.

Green and gray are both slightly subdued hues, giving this outfit a modest and low-key color choice. 

Outfit Eleven: Blue denim jacket, black shirt, and boots

 The denim jacket has different textures. Although it is not recommended to wear denim in denim color.

However, the overall outfit looks really good when I wear different hues of the same material, providing the correct effect.

Outfit Twelve: Navy coat and black boots

 Why it works: This seal coat, which is akin to a camel coat, looks amazing with gray jeans.

This topcoat is lightweight, making it great for a day when it’s not too chilly but still cool enough for a light coat.

The gray jeans perfectly compliment the blue-colored coat.

Outfit Thirteen: Black rain jacket and boots

 I don’t have to throw away gray jeans when it rains. They look great with a black raincoat.

Not only is it wonderful that there is a distinction.

The contrast enhances the visibility of the shirt’s colors and patterns.

Details that were previously hidden can now be revealed.

Outfit Fourteen: Blue sports coat, white shirt, and black boots

 This outfit would be appropriate for a semi-casual, semi-formal, or corporate occasion.

The white shirt is timeless, while the blue sports jacket adds a splash of color.

Several similarities can be made with the sports jacket as long as the pants are gray.

Combine Gray Jeans with a Denim Jacket

What to Wear with Gray Jeans

Denim Blue and gray is the perfect match

To put a fine point on it, gray jeans can be worn with anything.

A blue denim jacket that cuts off right above the hip goes well with mid-gray jeans.

However, a darker shade of gray will add a more polished feel to the fit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gray Jeans

How do people wear gray jeans in the workplace?

Grey jeans can definitely be worn to the workplace on the days when jeans are allowed. Pair it with a white dress shirt and a blue blazer. This is an easy business casual combination. You can complete this look with brown shoes.

What Shoes Should I Wear with Gray Jeans?

Match black boots or shoes with dark gray pants. Canvas can be worn with light gray pants. And you could never go wrong with brown suede shoes as they look simply great with gray jeans.   


In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with gray denim in multiple fits.

The pairing options are endless, and this is one color that you can repeat as many times as you like.