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What to Wear with Pink Lipstick?

What to Wear with Pink Lipstick?

As a young girl, one of my favorite pastimes was mimicking mum’s morning routine, by ransacking her makeup purse, playing dress-up, and swiping her different shades of pink lipstick on my lips.

When my younger sister began to exude similar traits, I concluded that this ritual must be a vital one, in every girl’s journey into womanhood.

The chances are high that the average girl has about three or four tubes of pink lipstick.

However, it is not enough to have them, it is trite to know how to combine this color with your various outfits.

Hence, this article seeks to provide information on what to wear with your favorite pink lipsticks. 

What to Wear with Pink Lipstick?

Thus can either mean what outfit to wear with a pink lipstick or what sort of makeup to wear with pink lipstick? For makeup, you can wear your pink lipstick on its own, while making sure that the base of your skin is flawless and your eyebrows are groomed. Bright colors such as white, creme, or ivory are working well with pink lipstick. And of course, the black dress can’t be missing – also a perfect choice when wearing pink lipstick.

What Makeup to Wear with Pink Lipstick

When it comes to makeup, pink is a versatile color.

Hence, it is not a hassle to combine it with a seemingly wide range of makeup tricks and techniques, that will give an overall amazing look. 

For starters, you can wear your pink lipstick on its own, while making sure that the base of your skin is flawless and your eyebrows are groomed.

Make sure to begin by cleansing and toning your skin with a cleanser. 

Apply a moisturizer and dab it into your face.

Once you complete this process, apply a primer to your skin.

You need to select a primer, according to your skin type. Dry-skinned people need to use hydrating primers.

This is because they need to get in as much moisture, as possible and prevent their makeup from developing cracks and fine lines. 

On the other hand, oily-skinned people need to wear mattifying primers. This will help to control the excess oil and sebum that their skin secretes, and prevent their makeup from running, in a short period.

Apply a foundation that fits your skin tone and blend properly. 

Apply a little hair gel or brow tamer to your eyebrows with a spoolie or mascara wand.

Brush the hairs upwards and make sure the hairs stay in place while the gel dries down. Apply a little translucent powder over your entire face and apply your pink lipstick.

This is one of the simplest ways to wear pink lipstick.

In addition to having a smooth base and groomed eyebrows, pink lipstick looks good when it’s worn alongside lots of lashes. If you’re wearing it at night, you can go all out and wear a pair of false lashes.

Line your lash line with cruelty-free lash glue, place the false lashes very close to your natural lashes and you’re good to go.

If you’re wearing pink lipstick in the daytime, you can apply a volumizing or lengthening mascara to your eyelashes to make them pop. 

Also, you can add some flair to it by wearing a colored liner or a subtle smokey eye.

Apply a blue, silver, or green eyeshadow to your lower lash line to make your pink lips pop. For an evening look choose a sheer pink lipstick with dramatic eye makeup such as ‘smokey eyes’.

Applying smokey eye makeup is easy.

With a brush apply black eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eye. For the center choose a grey eyeshadow and for the inner corner a bright eyeshadow such as creme or silver.

The tree colors should have a smooth transition, you don’t want to have the effect of color blocking. Line your waterline with white eyeliner to make the whites of your eyes pop and accentuate your lashes with some mascara.

Apply blush that fits you, or matches your lip color to your cheeks, to highlight your features and complete the look. 

Outfitwise – What To Wear with Pink Lipstick?

 Pink should be a staple color in your lipstick palette because it can be worn on a wide range of outfits.

However, certain colors in your wardrobe would come alive or be enhanced by wearing pink lipstick. One of such colors is white. 

Neutral, bright colors are working well with pink lipstick.

Those colors are ivory, creme, or pale nude.

For a very colorful and bold outfit, you can also choose colors such as yellow and blue or even red. The pink tone of your lipstick should then match those bold colors so go for an intense pink shade.

Also, a black dress is a regular in every woman’s wardrobe.

It fits all occasions and looks elegant on anybody. It matches almost everything, including any shade of pink lipstick.

Go bold with hot pink lipstick. 

You can also wear pink lipstick on a blue dress. For a formal event, choose a lighter pink to avoid going over the top.

Frequentlt Asked Questions about Pink Lipstick

How can I wear pink lipstick without looking odd or washed out?

Never wear pink lipstick that is paler than your gum. Darker shades are more flattering than pale pink colors. Also, always go for pink lipsticks with a matte finish. You can choose to top it with gloss if you want to. Combine pink Lipstick with natural makeup, don’t use too much blush as you don’t want to have an overall pink face.

How do I pick tge right undertone for my pink lipstick?

Also, get your undertones right. For cooler skin tones choose one with a blue undertone, warmer skin tones work better with an orange, red-based undertone. Always remember that hot pink is already a bold color and the makeup surrounding it can be very minimalistic, natural.

Finally, the most important tip to consider before you swipe that hot pink lipstick over your lips, is how confident you are. Experiment with your look and dare to step out of your comfort zone!