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What to Wear with Striped Pants for Women – All The Answers

What to Wear with Striped Pants for Women – All The Answers

Although striped pants are a great option for casual-business attire, I’ve always avoided them, simply because it’s hard to find a matching top.

To answer the question What to Wear with Striped Pants for Women, I eventually pulled my striped pants out of the closet and began experimenting with different blouses and shoes.

And voila! I was finally able to achieve an elegant and professional look that worked amazingly with my striped pants.

And so can you!

Striped pants are an excellent alternative to standard black trousers– allowing you to mix up the outfits that you commonly wear to the office.

They also work well for going out for brunch, on a date, or having after-work drinks with co-workers.

Let’s look at some outfit ideas that can help you incorporate your striped pants into your everyday look:

What to wear with striped pants

Striped pants look amazing when paired with a solid black, white, or bold colored top. For a professional look, pair pinstriped pants with a white blouse and complete the look with a gray or black blazer. On weekends, wear your striped pants with a graphic tee and a denim jacket.

What to Wear with Striped Pants for Women

A camisole top and striped trousers for a breezy summer look

The History of Striped Pants

Originally, striped clothing was worn by outcasts, such as servants or prisoners, by the order of court officials, as a means of identifying people who lived on the fringes of society- long before becoming a timeless fashion staple.

Brenton fishermen eventually began to wear striped clothing and British Royal Navy sailors soon followed suit, which led to the wearing of stripes being socially acceptable.

Fast forward to the striped trousers that you and I both have tucked away in our closets.

This beloved fashion staple became popular in the early 19th century.

But the trousers were initially made of thick, itchy wool, which is a far cry from the lightweight fabrics that now make striped pants a cozy and fashionable piece.

Summer Outfit Ideas for Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants for Women

Striped pants come in a variety of colors

Although I love wearing my gray pinstriped pants to the office, they aren’t ideal for summers or as a casual weekend look.

Instead, I pair lightweight pastel-colored striped pants with a breezy tee to achieve a comfortable and stylish summer outfit and top off the look with beige sandals.

Another great outfit idea is wearing a white tank top tucked into a pair of lightweight striped pants and even adding a thin belt to complete the look.

When the weather is still a little cool, I’ll add a denim jacket or lightweight sweater to my outfit.

As long as the colors don’t clash with the stripes, there are endless ways to make your striped pants work.

Winter Outfit Ideas for Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants for Women

Pinstripes are classic stripes for formal wear

When cold weather hits, that dreaded pair of striped wool pants sure comes in handy!

I pair them with a black turtleneck, a trench-style coat, and a colorful scarf.

I’ll usually wear a pair of black heels or flats with this outfit.

While this may sound like a bland outfit idea, darker colors are typically worn in the winter, and this outfit is incredibly warm and works well in the office.

Of course, I can’t leave out the classic look of gray pinstriped pants, a silky white blouse, and a gray blazer.

I’m personally not big on black, so this is actually my favorite outfit to wear to work or business meetings- but when it’s 15 degrees below outdoors, the black turtleneck is a more practical option.

If I’m going out on a hot date or spending the day at the mall with friends, I’ll occasionally switch up my outfit by wearing my striped pants with a white cashmere sweater and a rocking pair of fall boots for a look that screams totally chic.

Accessories to Wear with Striped Pants

I’m a firm believer that no outfit is fully complete without accessories!

I’m a little old school, so I love tying my hair up with a classic scrunchie and adding a dangling necklace and earrings as a finishing touch to my summer outfits.

Since solid blouses work best with striped pants, you can freely add on the accessories.

However, in the winter and at the office, I prefer to keep it simple with a thin gold chain and gold earrings to avoid looking too over the top.

If my hair is long at the moment, I’ll secure it with a banana clip for a professional appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Striped Pants

Which shoes work best with striped pants?

You need to consider the color and style of your striped pants when choosing the right pair of shoes. Beige sandals work well with bright cropped or pastel-colored striped pants, but low-top converse sneakers work well, too. Black heels or fall boots are best for a professional look in the winter.

Can you wear stripes with stripes?

This look is really hard to achieve and ill-advised- but it’s possible to make it work. You just need to choose different textures or else you run the risk of appearing one-dimensional. But I certainly don’t recommend pairing vertical stripes with more vertical stripes- or you risk looking like a Middle Ages prisoner!

Finally, I’ve found a way to make my striped pants work. And I have to admit that I love it! These pieces are surprisingly more versatile than what I once thought. While I once only wore my classic gray pinstriped pants, I have discovered how to incorporate stripes into many outfits that work year-round and are also comfortable and stylish for the weekends.