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When To Wear Nude Lipstick?

When To Wear Nude Lipstick?

 A woman is a unique being, gifted with the ability to transform anything, including herself, from basic to a baddie.

The Makeup industry, particularly the lipstick manufacturing industry is a relevant one in a woman’s world.

This is because it can take your makeup game, from zero to a hundred in a matter of minutes.

Nude lipsticks, in particular, play a great role in doing this. However, as simple as this seems, a level of expertise and knowledge is required, to play this game of looking good.

This expertise is expressed in this article. 

Nude lipstick is a makeup item, which doesn’t add color to the lips, but makes it vibrant and beautiful.

It can either be matte or creamy. It is a safe space for a lot of women, who aren’t so confident with wearing bright lip colors to look sleek, sexy and vivacious. 

There are no laid down rules regarding who can wear nude lipsticks or where it can be worn to.

However, fashion is a game that requires intellect and the best player is the person who instinctively knows when and where to wear this color.

This article enumerates some of these instances

When To Wear Nude Lipstick?

Nude lipstick tones can be worn to a dinner party or an event that should take place in the evening, can be worn on the runway for a fashion show or an event at the beach, if you’re trying to achieve a natural look. It can also be worn on a black or dark colored dress, can be worn to complement a Smokey eyeshadow look, or sometimes, a bright eyeshadow look. It can be worn to distinctly emphasize a very nice cat eye look. 

Nude Lipstick For  Photos?

Nude lipsticks can be worn to either a polaroid shoot or any other general shoot.

For a polaroid shoot, pick the right shade of nude lipstick, preferably one that matches your skin tone explicitly.

Dust little translucent powder or finishing powder that is exactly your skin tone, over your entire face and your lips. Tame your eyebrows with a little gel, and apply your nude lipstick on your lips.

For a sultry effect, apply a little balm or gloss over your lipstick and you’re set.

If it’s any other kind of shoot, apply your makeup as you would normally do, apply a little lip balm and line your lips with a lip pencil of choice, preferably one slightly darker than your shade.

Apply your lipstick and you’re set. You can top it off with gloss if you want to.

Can Nude Lipstick Be Worn To Events?

Yes! They can absolutely be worn to events, and are fabulous, for dinner parties, and other events held late in the evening.

As earlier stated, nude lipsticks create a sultry yet sleek effect, which is exactly the desired effect at most dinner parties or evening events.

It is also worthy of note, that long, scanty false lashes can help achieve this effect.  

It can also be worn by a runway model at a fashion show, or to an event held at the beach or casual events.

This is especially advised if you’re trying to achieve a natural look.

Fill in your brows lightly and conceal lightly. Complete the rest of your makeup process as you would normally do, then apply blush subtly on your cheekbones, to accentuate your face.

Then apply the nude lipstick of choice.  

Can Nude Lipstick Compliment Colors?

Definitely! Nude lipsticks compliment dark colors and a range of bright colors. In fact, it’s advisable to pair a black or any dark colored dress, with a nude lipstick, to avoid a riot in colors.

This combination fits the workplace and virtually, every other kind of event. 

As earlier stated, a nude lipstick can compliment a Smokey Eye look or a bright eyeshadow look.

A black or brown Smokey Eye look attracts mild attention to the eyes and nude lipstick ensures that the eyes are the center of attraction on the face.

The same logic applies to pairing a nude lipstick with a cat eyeliner look.

It can also be paired with a bright eyeshadow look. It is assumed that bright eyeshadows attract a lot of attention and gives off a sense of “doing too much”. Thus, it is advised to pair the look with nude lipstick for outdoor looks to tone it down.

How To Choose The Perfect Nude Lipstick?

The foremost tip to consider in choosing nude lipsticks that would fit you is to discover your undertone, which is the color that is evident under your skin color.

There are three major categories of skin undertones.

They range from; cool undertone, warm undertone, and neutral undertone. If the veins that are evident on your skin are slightly bluish, you have a cool undertone, if they’re slightly greenish, you have a warm undertone.

If you can’t decipher between both colors, you probably have a neutral undertone. 

If you have a cool undertone, it’s advised that you stick to a rosy pink shade of nude.

If you have a warm undertone, you best wear peachy shades of nude lipsticks. Neutral undertones can wear any shade of nude, but would look amazing in peachy hues too. 

It is important to note that whatever your undertone is, it is advised not to wear nude shades, lighter than your natural lip colors, to avoid looking odd or sick.

Also, nude lips look best when its glossy, so you can top it with gloss to look good and keep your lips supple. 

How To Wear Nude Lipsticks?

Your lips must be exfoliated and moisturized, to avoid cakey lips and create a perfect base to work with. 

Also, you can line your lips with a preferred lip pencil or liner before wearing your lipstick. This gives your lips a defined effect and helps your lipstick stay put.